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Departments & Divisions
Assessor's Office  (414) 302-8230 property assessment, current valuations, property ownership
City Attorney's Office  (414) 302-8450 legal advice and representation for City
Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services  (414) 302-8400 building, electrical and plumbing permits, inspections, code enforcement, zoning
City Administration  (414) 302-8292 City budget, oversees City policies and City administration
Clerk's Office  (414) 302-8200 official records, licenses, elections, Common Council and committee support
(414) 302-8352
communications strategies and plans, marketing and promotions, publications, websites, municipal television, video production, media relations, social media, community outreach
Development  (414) 302-8460 planning, zoning and community development projects
Engineering  (414) 302-8360 infrastructure maintenance and improvements, special assessments
Fire Department  (414) 302-8900 fire prevention and emergency response
Geographic Information Systems (414) 302-8328 mapping services for all City departments
Health (414) 302-8600 community health programs, immunizations, WIC, Senior Center, Farmers Market, vital records
Housing  (414) 302-8430 rent assistance, housing rehabilitation loans, home buyer loans, senior housing
Human Resources  (414) 302-8270 employee recruitment, selection, employee relations, compensation, benefits
Library (414) 302-8503 adult, children's, media, and reference services
Mayor's Office  (414) 302-8290 City executive
Municipal Court (414) 302-8181  
Planning  (414) 302-8460 planning, zoning and community development projects
Police  911 / (414) 302-8000 law enforcement and dispatch
Public Works  (414) 302-8888 buildings, signs, streets, traffic control signals, trees and landscaping, refuse and recycling collection, water
Purchasing  (414) 302-8300 purchase of goods and services for all City departments
Senior Center  (414) 302-8700 programs and activities for senior citizens
Treasurer's Office  (414) 302-8200 tax collection, water and sewer bills

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