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How to Spot Suspicious Activity
Suspicious activity may be glass breaking or other unusual noises, cars or vans driving slowly down the street or alley, someone walking from house to house or from car to car looking in the windows, or property being removed from your neighbor's house or a business in the area.

Although every stranger entering your neighborhood may not be a criminal, you should still remain alert. There are many perfectly normal and legitimate reasons for non-residents to be in your area. Every day utility meter readers, door-to-door sales persons, and repair and delivery persons are seen and accepted. Criminals are aware of this acceptance and often assume the disguise of legitimate business representatives to burglarize homes and businesses.

Check the identification of all solicitors, meter readers, repair and delivery persons prior to permitting entry into your home. Call the company that a visitor represents before letting them in your home and use a reliable source to find the company's phone number. Be suspicious of an alleged delivery person with a wrong address or asking if someone else lives there.

Watch someone going door-to-door in your neighborhood. Take notice whether one or more persons tries a door to see if it is locked, peers into windows, or enters a side or back yard. Any or all of these actions may indicate a possible burglar. Most suspicious is when one person enters a backyard of the house while the other remains in the front or in a car following a short distance away or the sound of breaking glass.

If you observer suspicious activity, don't wait until the person leaves. Instead, call the police department immediately. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies or (414) 302-8000 for non-emergencies. 

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