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Orientation & Time Trials
Please review the CPAT FAQ Section to the right of this page to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the CPAT testing process and registration before calling the Administration Offices.  Please note that the CPAT Testing fee is $140.00.

The only people allowed in the Fire Station and/or on the CPAT course are those registered to participate in a CPAT orientation, time trial or test. 

CPAT orientations are held every-other Friday. Orientation sessions and the eight-week preparatory period prior to testing may be waived, but are strongly recommended.

At the orientation session, candidates will view a videotaped presentation of the test, observe a demonstration of each event, receive "hands-on" familiarity with actual CPAT apparatus, and receive guidance on specific conditioning regimens and techniques to help them prepare for the test.  Both orientations are the same, and participants are encouraged to attend at least one (1) of the orientation sessions, if possible.

Candidates will be offered the opportunity to do two (2) practice “time trial” tests in the 30-day period leading up to a CPAT test date. Time trials are only offered to people who will be taking the CPAT test at the WAFD test site.

See the below test date schedule for current orientation and test dates as well as the CPAT registration form. Advanced registration for orientation and time trial sessions and test is required.

2018 CPAT Orientation and Testing Dates
2018 CPAT Application Form

Waiver of Orientation and Time Trials
Although the orientations and time trials set forth above must be treated as a mandatory condition for candidates taking the CPAT test, it is recognized that some candidates may believe that they are capable of passing the CPAT Test without attending the orientation and time trial sessions.

It is therefore permissible for candidates to be excused from this requirement upon receipt of a written and signed waiver from the candidate acknowledging that this orientation and practice program was made available to all candidates on an equal basis and that the candidate voluntarily and knowingly waives this opportunity.

Waiver Form

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