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Municipal Lot Parking Permits

This permit allows for an owner of a licensed vehicle to park in a municipal parking lot, regardless of posted time limits.  Prices are as follows:  
  • Monthly Permits: $15 per calendar month if purchased at City Hall Treasurer's Office or the Police Department.  $13 if purchased online.
  • Quarterly Permits$45 per calendar quarter if purchased at City Hall Treasurer's Office or the Police Department.  $35 if purchased online.
  • Annual Permits: $100 per calendar year if purchased at City Hall Treasurer's Office or the Police Department.  $80 if purchased online.

Storage of Abandoned Vehicles is not allowed in Municipal Lots. Refer to Revised Municipal Code 6.015.

If you have questions, please contact the Police Department at (414) 302-8080.

To apply for a permit for a municipal lot, please complete the following information below completely and accurately.


Rules and Regulations:
1. When in use, the permit shall be attached to the driver's side rear window in the upper left corner.  In the event that the vehicle for which the permit was issued does not have a rear driver's side window, the permit shall be attached to the driver's side window in the upper right corner. 
2. There shall be no parking (with or without a permit)
    a. In violation of any parking regulation.   
    b. If parking is not allowed on a certain side or in certain stalls, you must park in a different location.
3. The following motor vehicles are NOT eligible for night parking permits:
    a. Trucks in excess of twenty (20) feet  
    b. Motor vehicles with a truck registration “D” series or above.
    c.  Mobile homes, camping or travel trailers
    d. Motorized camping vans
    e. Snowmobile
    f. All-terrain vehicle
    g. Trucks equipped with truck campers 
    h. Utility trailers
    i. Electric personal assistive mobility device
    j.  Non-motorized vehicles

Please note:
1. Police Officers have the right to override any permission if the vehicle is not legal to park in the Municipal Lots (i.e., you many not park a trailer, a boat or vehicle in excess of 20ft and/or 6000lbs).
2.  Any mistyped plate information or falsification of any of the above information may result in a parking citation or even a fraud arrest.
3.  Your car may still be ticketed for parking violations until you receive your permit and display it properly in your car's window.
4.  Failure to pay parking citations will result in the suspension of your license plates.
5. The permit fee shall be paid upon application. No part of any permit fee shall be refundable at any time. A duplicate permit shall be issued for a fee of ten dollars ($10.), if the original permit is lost or stolen. Permit fees include applicable state sales tax.

If you have any questions about Municipal Lot Parking, please call (414) 302-8080 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  If you have any comments or ideas on how to improve this online submission process, please contact us at .




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