Winter in West Allis
Why West Allis?

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SWAT, is comprised of officers who are specially trained officers to handle high-risk situations.

SWAT may be called upon to handle a variety of situations to include, but not limited to: Execution of high-risk warrants and arrest operations (such as buy/bust drug operations), barricaded suspects, hostage situations, sniper operations, active shooter situations, terrorism incidents, rescue missions, crowd control, high-risk security operations (such as diplomat security), and other incidents which exceed the capability and/or capacity of first responders and/or investigative units.

Members of the West Allis Police Department serve on SWAT in addition to their other duties and on a part time basis.

Team Leadership:

Captain Rob Navarrette (Commander)
Lieutenant Brian Saftig (Assistant Commander)
Detective David Madden (Team Leader)
Sergeant Clint Corwin (Team Leader)
Sergeant Tim Gold (Team Leader)

Tactical Team:

Officer Joel Baumgart
Detective Lucas Binter
Officer Charles Clark
Officer Jesse Fletcher
Cpl. Stephen Heckler
Det. Brandon Hurley
Officer Jacob Kaye
Sergeant Richard Krueger
Sergeant Joseph Mathy
Officer Andrew Matter
Officer Kevyn Mussatti
Officer Druscilla Schneider

Crisis Negotiations Team:

Detective Allison Cerqua
Sgt. Ricky Orlowski
Sgt. Christopher Randlett
Traffic Investigator Robert Tuschl

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