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WAPD Department-Shift Briefing Training (2004)
The West Allis Police Department developed and initiated a new training component to their overall staff development programming. The ‘Shift Briefing Training’is a scenario based training program designed to offer short training sessions (5 minutes in length) in a repetitive format on various topics that will enhance law enforcement performance and service to the community. The program was developed under the supervision of the training division with input from supervisors, instructors and officers. Shift Briefing Training is conducted during the 15 minute period in which officers are scheduled to report prior to their tour of duty as part of their contractual agreement. The following categories were selected and are addressed via the Shift Briefing Training: Defensive and Arrest Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Ethics, Firearms, Vehicle Contacts, Professional Communication, Records, Report Writing, and Harassment in the Workplace. Over a year’s time, each one of these categories will be addressed from 18-36 times. The format is delineated by category, date, scenario number, scenario topic, scenario, discussion, related department standard/directive and author.

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