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Election Inspector (Poll Worker) Application

  1. Election Inspector (Poll Worker) Application

    The City of West Allis encourages all citizens to vote and to become involved in the election process. One of the most rewarding ways to contribute is to serve your community as an Election Inspector, or Poll Worker. Citizen involvement is essential in conducting open, accurate and fair elections. We hope that you will consider participating in the election process by signing up to be an election inspector. Generally, the City staffs the polling places with 125 election inspectors. For Presidential or other large elections, additional election inspectors are needed. To help you make an informed decision before applying for the position, please review the following information.

  2. Responsibilities of an Election Inspector

    Organizing the polling place before the polls open, election day voter registration, checking in voters on the electronic poll book (Badger Books), reviewing the voter's photo ID, issuing ballots, assisting voters and providing instruction as necessary, processing absentee ballots, monitoring the voting equipment, signing and assisting with paperwork

  3. Does your phone accept text (SMS) messages?*
  4. Are you a qualified elector of Milwaukee County?*

    A "qualified elector" is an adult citizen of the United States who has resided in the election district for 28 consecutive days and is not otherwise disqualified to vote.

  5. Are you a High School Student?*

    A student who is 16 or 17 years of age and who is enrolled in grades 9-12 in a public or private high school and has at least a 3.0 GPA may serve as an election inspector with the approval of the student’s parent or guardian. Written authorization from the student’s parent or guardian is required.

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