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Utility Account Final Billing Statement Request


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    1. Moving Out or Selling Property? Get a Final Billing Statement
      If you are moving out or selling your property, you may request a final billing statement for the utility account. The water utility does not obtain final meter readings for utility bills. The property owner, tenant, or agent should provide the final meter readings if a final billing statement is required. Obtaining a final reading statement is the most accurate way to pay your final utility bill. It protects all parties involved from erroneous estimations. Regular utility bills are created quarterly and sent out the month after the billing period ends.
    2. Requester Contact Information
      Please provide your contact information. We need to know how to reach you if further clarification is needed to process this request.
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    4. Fees*
      FEES APPLY: A $50 fee will be included on the final billing statement. To avoid this fee, request the latest bill information, then calculate a pro-rated amount.
    5. Provide mailing address if you prefer final bill to be mailed.
    6. Send Final Bill To:*
      FEES APPLY: A $50 fee will be included on the statement. To avoid this fee, contact the utility for latest bill details so you can calculate a pro-rated amount.