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1. Garbage is not collected on holidays now, so how does this program change collection? Also, is there a way to get updates so our garbage isn’t sitting at the end of the driveway?
2. When should I put my garbage out?
3. Will Public Works take any garbage not in the container? 
4. Why is the City doing this?
5. What can I do if I want to dispose of my garbage before the next pickup date?
6. How do I know that there is a weather-impacted day that would skip my garbage/recycle pickup?
7. What about recycling? Is it going to be picked up the next week or at the next normally scheduled recycling date?
8. What happens if we have a Monday snow, followed by a Monday holiday, another Monday snow, on the third Monday?
9. How is this program safer? If there is more garbage to collect, won’t they put a strain on employees?
10. Why doesn’t the City hire more drivers?
11. Why is the City cutting services when my taxes are already so high (or continue to go up)?