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1. How do I pay my water/sewer bill?
2. Can I have my water/sewer bill payments automatically withdrawn from my checking account? Is there a fee?
3. Can I use a credit card to pay my bill?
4. I am moving/selling my house, how do I close out my account?
5. How do I establish service or change the name on an account?
6. Where/how can I get a copy of current and previous water bills?
7. I am a landlord and would like my tenant to receive the bill. What do I need to do?
8. I am a tenant and the landlord would like my name on the bill, what do I need to do?
9. What are all the charges on my utility bill used for?
10. Why is my water bill so high?
11. What do I do if there is a water main break in my area?
12. How do I prevent frozen water pipes?