Departmental Mission Statement

To clearly and accurately communicate information of key City services, programs, messages and values, to foster an engaged and informed citizenry, to provide leadership in further strengthening and promoting West Allis’ "brand" as a benchmark for superior municipal government service through all City communication tools including publications, phone, internet, municipal television, video production, media relations, and social media, and to serve as a resource to City departments for delivery of their specific communication needs.


  • Understanding and responding to the needs of our citizens and fostering open, responsive, and accessible communications is our highest priority
  • Truth, accuracy, transparency, and candor in governance and communication are essential for an open and free dialogue, mutual respect, and trust between citizens and those who govern
  • Communications tools and methods must be effective and adaptable to reach and serve diverse groups, ensuring equal access and awareness, a cornerstone of democracy, and open government

Executive Summary

Provide open, honest, and easy access to city government to residents, media, and the general public. Provide accurate and timely information, strive for transparency and excellence, and encourage understanding and participation in City government while enhancing awareness and pride in the City’s rich history, accomplishments, programs, and services.

To facilitate and serve as a resource to City departments to manage their individual communication needs effectively and efficiently.

Support the Council and City management in planning, communicating, and implementing programs, services, and goals that promote and/or impact our overall quality of life, healthy economy, development, and the safety and welfare of our citizenry.