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Special Event Sponsorships

  1. City of West Allis
    Special Event Sponsorship Commitment Form
  2. Why sponsor West Allis special events?
    There are many reasons to sponsor a special event in your community; however, we believe these to be the most important: ● Brand your organization as a genuine partner and leader within the community ● Develop stronger relationships with new and existing customers ● Be prominently featured in event publicity, gaining your organization access and visibility to potential customers ● Promote your organization while helping your community at the same time ● Strengthen the City’s ability to continue to offer community events ● Create an active and engaged community Many of our beloved events would not be possible without contributions from our supportive community partners. We sincerely thank you for your consideration in sponsoring a special event for the City of West Allis!
    Complete the following information:
  4. Sponsorship Levels
    Memorial Day Service
  5. Amount
  6. Sponsorship Levels
    Independence Day Parade & Celebration
  7. Amount
  8. Sponsorship Levels
    Independence Day Grandstand Show & Fireworks Display
  9. Amount
  10. Sponsorship Levels
    Food Truck Friday Series
  11. Amount
  12. Sponsorship Levels
    Live Summer Concert Series
  13. Amount
  14. Sponsorship Levels
    Art on the Plaza
  15. Price
  16. Sponsorship Levels
    Barks & Brews
  17. Amount
  18. Sponsorship Levels
    Halloween Parade
  19. Amount
  20. Sponsorship Levels
    Tree Lighting Ceremony
  21. Amount
  22. Sponsorship Levels
    Allis in Winterland
  23. Amount
  24. General Sponsorships
    Not sure which special event you want to support, but you know that you want to support a West Allis special event?
  25. Name your amount, and we will allocate that amount to an event that is most in need of funding assistance. This option is just as important as choosing a specific event. Why? Because not all events receive the funding they need, so this gives us the opportunity to properly utilize these funds in order to run each event successfully.
  26. Sponsorship Levels
    General Sponsorship
  27. Enter the amount you would like to donate to the general special events fund.
  28. Thank You
    Thank you for your contribution.
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