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Rain Barrel Order Form


    Delivery may take up to three weeks

  2. Rain Barrel Order

    Rain Barrel

  3. Price per barrel

  4. You may order up to 10 rain barrels. The price is $20 per rain barrel.

  5. Rain barrel delivery location?

    (Please check one)

  6. I declare that I am the property owner of the above location and intend to purchase and maintain a rain barrel at this referenced address. The barrels will be used to capture storm water instead of letting it run to the storm sewer. The captured water can be used for flowers, gardens, etc., reducing my water utility bill.*

    1. I agree to purchase the rain barrel(s) at the discounted price of $20 each under the following conditions:

    2. 1. The rain barrel will be installed and used in West Allis.

    3. 2. The purchaser is a property owner in West Allis.

    4. 3. The rain barrel will be kept in use at the above referenced property for five years from the date of purchase.

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