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Online Property Information Needs Correction

  1. Use this form to let the City of West Allis know if something you see on our online property search pages needs to be corrected.
    Do not use this form to tell us that payment information is not up to date. Contact the Treasurer's Office at (414) 302-8215 during normal business hours if you have a question about payment information. Online payment information is updated daily after funds are credited to the City of West Allis, which may be up to 5 days after you make an online payment.
  2. Ownership and sales information
    Ownership and sales information are recorded with Milwaukee County when the property is sold. It may take up to 90 days after a sale or ownership change for the City of West Allis to receive and update that information. If you would like to change the owner mailing address, please print and send the mailing address change form below.
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