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City of West Allis Voice Notification Options

  1. In addition to our Notify Me email and/or text message subscriptions, the City of West Allis also offers voice notifications. Our voice notification system is used for public safety alerts and notifications of other hazards and can be targeted to a specific area of the City. Phone numbers are added to the system from the telephone White pages and Emergency 911 lists available to public safety agencies. Use this form to either opt-in to receive voice notifications, or opt-out to have your phone number removed from our voice notification system.
  2. Voice notification preferences*
  3. Phone number notification list
    Add phone numbers to receive notifications below. If you are opting out of voice notifications, only the home phone needs to be included. If you are opting in, our system will call the phone number(s) you include in the order listed. You will not receive a message on each phone in the list, just the first one that succesfully received the notification.
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