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  3. Please complete the form to volunteer to adopt a hydrant near you.
    By keeping the hydrant clear of snow and ice to a distance of three feet all around, you'll help make sure West Allis Fire Department can access the hydrant in case of emergency. Thank you for volunteering to adopt a hydrant! Please contact West Allis Fire Department at (414) 302-8900 if you have any questions.
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  5. Would you like to receive text notifications about this program?
  6. If you could not locate this number on the map linked at the top of this form, you may be able to find a metal tag with an ID number on the hydrant or locate it on the West Allis Hydrant Map.
  7. Are you volunteering as an individual, or with your family/business/other group?
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    Thank you for volunteering to Adopt a Hydrant. The West Allis Fire Department will contact you to confirm that the hydrant you selected is available for adoption. Thank you for helping our community! Your neighbors will appreciate your efforts.
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