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Contact Us - Department List

  1. "A Brilliant Age" Photo Competition Submission

    Entries are accepted from November 1, 2023 until February 15, 2024. Photos will be on display on the at the West Allis Senior Center... More…

  2. Email Assessor's Office
  3. Email City Clerk
  4. Email City Clerk's Office - Licensing Information

    Please use this form when inquiring about licensing information.

  5. Email City Webmaster
  6. Email Community Development
  7. Email Department of Development
  8. Email Finance Department
  9. Email GIS
  10. Email Housing

    Use this form to send an email message to the City of West Allis Housing Office. Emails are answered during normal business hours:... More…

  11. Email Information Technology
  12. Email Mayor Dan Devine
  13. Email Planning & Zoning
  14. Email Purchasing
  15. Email the City Attorney
  16. Email Water Utility Billing
  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Email City Administration
  3. Email City Clerk's Office - Election Information

    Please use this form when inquiring about election information.

  4. Email City Clerk's Office - Website Information for the City Clerk

    Please use this form when inquiring about the City Clerk website.

  5. Email Code Enforcement Department
  6. Email Department of Communications
  7. Email Engineering Department
  8. Email Fire Department
  9. Email Health Department
  10. Email Human Resources
  11. Email Library
  12. Email Municipal Court
  13. Email Police Department
  14. Email Senior Center
  15. Email Treasurer's Office