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West Allis Christmas Tree Donation Program

  1. City of West Allis Christmas Tree Donation Program
  2. What is the Christmas Tree Donation Program?
    Do you or someone you know want to have an evergreen tree removed from a property in West Allis? The City of West Allis is looking for donations of Christmas trees to be used as displays in boulevards, as well as for boughs in the City Hall Christmas display and in planting beds throughout the City. Donated trees will be removed at no cost to the property owner. The tree will be removed down to a stump. The stump, accumulated debris under the tree, and restoration of the area will be the property owner’s responsibility. Help the City create a memorable display this holiday season!
  3. How does the Christmas Tree Donation Program Work?
    By electing to donate a Christmas tree, you agree to the following: • The City’s Forestry Division will remove the tree and clean up the debris associated with the removal (if the location is accessible by City equipment) • There are no height requirements for trees, but they must be accessible by either the street or alley with no overhead utility conflicts • Property owners will be required to sign a release to allow staff and equipment to access the tree
  4. What happens if my Christmas Tree is selected?
    Selected trees will be harvested the week of Thanksgiving, weather permitting. Only a handful of trees will be selected, but trees can be placed on a waiting list to be used in future years or as an alternate.
  5. Do you have more questions?
    For more information about the Christmas Tree Donation Program, contact the City of West Allis Forestry Division at (414) 302-8811.
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