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Volunteer Application Form

  1. Please let us know your volunteer interests.
  2. If interested in a specific department or volunteer position, please specify.
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  5. Have you ever worked or volunteered for the City of West Allis, Wisconsin?*
  6. Are you related to anyone working for the City of West Allis?*
  7. By typing my name below, I certify, authorize, or acknowledge: That all the information provided by me on this application for volunteering and any attachments or supporting documents I submit are accurate. Recognizing that the City may rely upon information I provide to make decisions on volunteers, I hereby certify that all information herein presented is accurate and free from omission, falsification, or misleading information. I authorize the City of West Allis to conduct background, personal, criminal, employment, volunteer history, or any type of investigation it may require to determine my fitness for volunteering. Convictions from a criminal background check will not necessarily disqualify an applicant for volunteer opportunities. Additionally, I understand that the City may require a physical examination, including, but not limited to, a drug screening.
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