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FOCUS Grant Application

  1. The goal of this program is to provide neighborhood associations an opportunity to organize and build a healthy community, and to attract new diverse members, promote citizen engagement, improve marketability of residential areas and sustain citizen involvement. FOCUS grants are intended to fund community building activities within neighborhoods that will create and/or operate special programs or activities that make West Allis unique, better and beautiful. These grants support existing neighborhood associations and City commissions in their missions. Grants up to $1,500 may be awarded to qualifying groups. A 25% match is required. Groups may receive one FOCUS grant per year. The City and program staff reserves the right to restrict the allocation and/or expenditure of these program funds at any time.
  2. Activity Type
  3. Projects must outline the activities and parties to be involved. Grants CANNOT be spent on activities that promote the use of alcohol or tobacco, or any illegal activity.
  4. Supporting Documentation
  5. i.e., examples from other communities; photos of project area
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