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Citizen in Action Application Form

  1. Get Involved In Your City! The City of West Allis has a variety of committees, commissions and boards that help guide and administer city services. These groups are composed of elected officials, City employees and West Allis residents just like you. Citizen members of these groups provide invaluable perspective and come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Apply today to put your talents and interests to work to improve the City of West Allis!

  2. Are you a West Allis resident?

  3. Do you own or rent your home?

  4. If you are not a City of West Allis resident, do you own property within the corporate limits of the City?

  5. Do you own a business within the corporate limits of the City of West Allis?

  6. Are you a registered voter?

  7. Have you previously served as a member of any City of West Allis committee, commission or board?

  8. Committee Preference

    Please rate your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on preferences for committee placement. You do not have to rank all committees, only those which you are interested in.

  9. Attach your resume and/or an additional cover letter if you feel this information would assist the Mayor in considering your appointment.

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