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2021 WAFM Farm Vendor Application

  1. About West Allis Farmers Market
    The West Allis Farmers Market offers a wide variety of seasonal produce, fresh meats and eggs, honey and maple syrup, fresh-cut flowers and annual plants, and prepared foods. Each year the Farmers Market is open from the first Saturday in May through the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
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  6. Type of Vendor and Stall Rentals
    Please state below if you are a returning vendor or a new vendor. If you are a returning vendor and would like to request new stall spaces, please email Caitlyn White at after submitting this application.
  7. Returning Vendor:
    If you are a returning vendor to the West Allis Farmers Market, we will accommodate your previous stall rental location and quantity provided you do not have any outstanding financial obligations to the City of West Allis and are properly licensed by the state of Wisconsin and City of West Allis Health Department.
  8. New Vendor:
    Availability is not guaranteed for the 2021 West Allis Farmers Market season, we will contact you if there is an available space for this season.
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