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  1. Autism & Special Needs Registry

    Complete and submit this form if you have a loved one with autism and/or special needs who lives in the City of West Allis or spends a... More…

  2. Christmas Parade Participant Registration Form
  3. Citizen in Action Application Form
  4. Hydrant Meter Permit Application

    Contractors assigned to West Allis projects use this form to rent a hydrant meter for use on City, County, or State projects.

  5. Police Online Reporting: Lost Property

    Police Online Reporting: Lost Property

  6. Short Term Rentals (Tourist Rooming Houses)

    The legal term in Wisconsin for a Short-term Rental is a Tourist Rooming House (TRH), which is limited to four guest sleeping rooms.... More…

  7. Volunteer Interest Form

    Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a City of West Allis volunteer.

  1. Block Party Application
  2. Christmas Parade Volunteer Registration Form
  3. Clerk's Office Public Records Request Form
  4. National Night Out - We Need Your Help!

    We need your help for National Night Out.

  5. Poll Worker Application
  6. Volunteer Application Form
  7. West Allis Police Department Open Records Request Form