What can I use my property for? What is my property zoned for?

To determine what you can use your property for, you first need to find your zoning district. 

  1. Open the City's online zoning map.
  2. Type in your property's address and click search.
  3. The map will take you to the property. Click the property on the map.
  4. Either look in the pop-up window to see the property's zoning district or click the blue legend icon on the bottom of the map and compare the colors to identify the property's zoning district. 

Now that you know your zoning district, you can check what uses are allowed in that district. 

  1. Open the zoning code's Principal Use Table in Sec. 19.32.
  2. Identify the property's zoning district on the table's top row.
  3. Scroll through the table and review what uses are allowed in your district's column. If the cell is blank, the use is not allowed. 
  4. If you are unsure what a specific use's name means, review the definitions in Sec. 19.16.

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