I am moving/selling my house, how do I close out my account?

If you are moving out or selling your property, you may request a final billing statement for the utility account. The City does not perform final meter readings for utility bills. The property owner, tenant, or agent should provide the final meter readings if a final billing statement is required as part of the closing process. Obtaining a Final Reading Statement is the most accurate way to pay your final utility bill. It protects all parties involved from erroneous estimations. Utility bills are created quarterly and sent out the month after the quarterly billing period ends. 

Obtaining a final statement is easy! 

  • Start by getting meter readings. The numbers are read left to right like an odometer on a car. Provide all numbers in white and black including preceding zeros. 
    • The first reading is off the meter located in the basement or utility area. 
    • The second reading is off the register on the outside of the property. Registers are located on an outside wall of the property near the meter. If the numbers are missing or blacked out, then this reading is not needed. Call the Water Utility at 414-302-8245 three days prior to moving out or closing. 
  • After the utility receives the meter readings, a final statement is prepared for charges through the move out or closing date. The statement can be sent by email, fax, mail, or picked up at the Treasurer’s office at City Hall. 
  • If selling, your realtor should tell you if you need a paid receipt at closing or if an email or fax is sufficient. Paid receipts are issued at the Treasurer’s office at City Hall after payment is made by cash or check. If you need help locating the meter or register, then call 414-302-8245 so we can walk you through the process and help you locate the devices. Please call for assistance well in advance to ensure you are able to get the readings three days before moving out or closing. 
  • Requests for final billing statements can be made online at www.westalliswi.gov/finalbill or by calling (414) 302-8245 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm.
Final Meter Reading Instructions

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