What requirements are necessary to apply for the position of Firefighter?

The West Allis Fire Department participates in an annual recruitment of new firefighters, typically in the fall of every year. Please check this page periodically to see if we are hiring or fill out this form to be contacted when recruitment is open.

CLASS TITLE:      Fire Fighter

DEFINITION:  This is responsible and specialized work in a semi-military type of organization which requires employees to take orders and perform all assigned duties quickly and effectively.  Regular and predictable attendance is an essential function of this position.

ESSENTIAL DUTIESResponsible for fire suppression, fire inspection, vehicle and fire station maintenance, hazardous material response, rescue operations and emergency medical services; operates and performs maintenance checks on all fire department vehicles and equipment; responds as a member of a medical team to bring basic or advanced emergency medical care to the citizens of the community; prepares written reports and maintains records under the supervision of a shift commander/shift officer; participates in daily training exercises and classroom lectures; conducts fire inspections in various occupancies in the jurisdiction; performs duties as a fire apparatus driver and motor pump operator, when assigned; performs duties as a certified fire fighter/EMT-D according to criteria and standards set forth by the department, when assigned; responsible for cleanliness of station and maintenance of apparatus, tools, equipment and all other fire department property; conducts demonstrations, tours and public speeches on fire safety, fire prevention CPR, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, first-aid and other subjects to the public; performs other duties as may be assigned.

ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standing, walking and sitting; stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling; running, grappling, climbing, balancing, bending and twisting; reaching, feeling, talking and hearing; far and near vision as follows: 20/40 in one eye and 20/200 in other eye, with correction: 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in other eye (no contact lenses); lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling of 100 lbs. or more; handling, grasping and fingering: fire hose, ladders, performing CPR, utilizing patient lifting devices, etc.

ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Major life activities; effective communication, oral and written, with supervisors, peers and public; understanding and following work rules and suggested operating guidelines; read, write, add and subtract; knowledge of national, state and local laws and fire/safety codes; organize, direct and coordinate written and oral reports; skills in report writing, computer usage, driving and two-way radio usage; knowledge of fire protection systems, water supply, building construction, natural and man-made disasters, fire control and extinguishment and combustible and flammable materials; skills in firefighting, emergency medical service at the level of Emergency Medical Technician, fire inspection and public relations.

The descriptions noted above are intended as illustrations of the various types of duties to be performed in this class.  The absence of specific statements of duties does not exclude those tasks from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment of the position.


  1. Age 18 years and over as of application deadline.
  2. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  3. WI State Certification Fire Fighter Level 1
  4. Current State of WI Emergency Medical Technician license
  5. U.S. Citizen
  6. Valid, unrestricted WI Driver's license (restrictions do not include eye glasses or lenses, however, contact lenses restricted to NFPA 1500 standard)
  7. Applicants must be of excellent health. A thorough medical examination is required by a West Allis Police and Fire Commission-appointed physician prior to appointment, and the decision of the physician is final.
  8. Applicant must be a non-user of tobacco products

Note: Applicants who have achieved more than one of the requirements stated in No. 2 will be given preference.

CITY OF WEST ALLIS                                         Developed 5/1984                 Revised 6/1999                     Reviewed 1/2023

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