What do I do with leaves and yard waste?

The State of Wisconsin has banned yard waste such as leaves, weeds, thatch, flowers, vines and other non-fruit or vegetable matter from being collected and disposed of with household trash. Yard waste can be disposed of in several ways. First, start a backyard compost pile. For more information on how to do so, contact the Recycling Office, Second, yard waste materials may be placed in the curb-line of the street between April 19 - May 10 and September 27 through the week of November 15, 2020. 

  • Do not mix brush, woody plants, grass, or other debris in your yard waste piles.
  • Remove pots and soil from potted plants before placing them in the curb-line. 
  • Rake the yard waste into the street along the curb-line forming a long, low pile.
  • If there is no curb on your street, place yard waste along the roadway in a long, low pile. 
  • Wet the yard waste to keep it from blowing. 
  • Do not place yard waste in refuse containers for collection. 
  • Yard waste cannot be collected from drainage ditches, alleys, ash boxes, or large piles in your yard or driveway, or between the walk and curb. 
  • Do not burn your yard waste. This is a fire hazard to your neighborhood, your home and City equipment.

You may also bring your yard waste to one of the West Allis drop-off sites for disposal without charge. View drop-off site locations and hours.

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