How do I pay my water/sewer bill?

There are several options for making payments for utility bills. 

  1. ONLINE: Go to to use a credit card or checking account to pay utility bill. A convenience fee of $2.99 will be added for all credit card transactions.  There is no fee for eCheck payments. 
  2. AUTO PAY: Payments are drawn directly from a checking account on due date. Create an account online at to setup automatic payments. NOTE:  Auto Pay drafts will be effective with the next billing cycle. Please make a payment for any balances due with another payment method.
  3. MAIL: Send payments to City of West Allis, P.O. Box 14248, West Allis, WI 53214-0248. Include bill payment stub or statement with payment. Make checks payable to "The City of West Allis".
  4. IN PERSON: Payments are accepted at Tri City National Bank locations in the City of West Allis or at City Hall. Go to for locations and hours. City Hall Treasurer's Office is located at 7525 W Greenfield Avenue. The main entrance is on the south side of the building. City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. After hours, drop payments in the locked drop box near the main entrance to City Hall.
Pay water bill online

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1. How do I pay my water/sewer bill?
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