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City Hall

The West Allis City Hall is located at 7525 W Greenfield Avenue, on the southeast corner of W Greenfield Ave and S 76 St. In front of City Hall is the Centennial Plaza, a gathering space for public events. Parking is available at the rear of the building. You may enter the building at the ground floor level by walking across the Centennial Plaza, or at the first floor level by entering the doors off the parking lot. The Common Council Chambers and several other public meeting rooms are located at City Hall.

These City departments are located at City Hall:
  • Assessor's Office, first floor, Room 102
  • Attorney's Office, second floor, Room 232
  • Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services, second floor, Room 222
  • City Administration Office, first floor, Room 123
  • City Clerk's Office, first floor, Room 108-110
  • Communications, ground floor, Room 8
  • Development, second floor, Room 220
  • Engineering, second floor, Room 212
  • Finance, first floor, Room 137
  • GIS, ground floor, Room 3
  • Housing, second floor, Room 242
  • Human Resources, first floor, Room 133
  • Information Technology, ground floor, Room 3
  • Mayor's Office, first floor, Room 123
  • Planning, second floor, Room 220
  • Treasurer's Office, first floor, Room 108-110