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How do I recycle batteries?
Alkaline (AAA, AA, A, C, D) batteries may be placed in your trash but the preferred method of disposal is at the Municipal Yard as part of the electronics recycling program. All other battery types, such as automotive, button and rechargeable, should be brought to the Municipal Yard for disposal. [More information and hours >>]

Refuse & Recycling

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1. Where can I find information about the new recycling carts?
2. When will my refuse and recycling be collected?
3. What do I do with leaves and yard waste?
4. Can I recycle appliances?
5. How do I recycle batteries?
6. Where can I purchase a garbage cart?
7. Where can I purchase a recycling cart?
8. How should I prepare brush and branches for collection?
9. When will brush be collected?
10. How do I recycle computers and other electronics?
11. Can I include construction and demolition debris in my refuse?
12. What should I do with my grass clippings?
13. Do you pick up furniture and other household debris?
14. What should I do with household hazardous waste?
15. How should I dispose of light bulbs?
16. How do I dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs?
17. How should I dispose of sharps/needles?
18. What can I recycle in West Allis?
19. Does the City offer free mulch?
20. Where and when can I drop off recycling?

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