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Contact the Health Department
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Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Leischow, Robert Health Commissioner/City Sealer 414-302-8627  
Palen, Ashley Dir of Community Health and Environmental Services 414-302-8602  
Davies, Cheryl WIC Director 414-302-8603  
Feldmeyer, Melissa Business Manager 414-302-8632  
Maniaci, Nick Public Health Specialist 414-302-8606  
Marszalkowski, Becca Public Health Specialist/Strategist 414-302-8614  
Calcagnino, Adrienne Public Health Social Worker 414-302-8639  
Haass, Carolyn Lead Public Health Nurse 414-302-8610  
Thomas, Melissa Public Health Nurse Coordinator 414-302-8608  
Gray, Jaime Public Health Nurse 414-302-8612  
Kiepczynski, Mary Ann Public Health Nurse 414-302-8609  
Smith, Kevin Lead Environmentalist 414-302-8655  
Feldhusen, Peter Environmentalist Coordinator 414-302-8653  
Goettmann, Amy Environmentalist 414-302-8656  
Lor, Chansouda Environmentalist 414-302-8654  
Garcia, Lilia Community Health Technician 414-302-8620  
Sutton, Katie Community Health Technician 414-302-8611