Municipal Court

Your citation has a "court date" on it.  This date refers to the deadline in which you MUST enter a plea.  DO NOT APPEAR FOR COURT.  There is no in-person court held for entering pleas.

Trials may be in person or online using Zoom.  There is several criteria as to in person trials or via Zoom.  This is determined by the West Allis Municipal Judge.  If your case is set for trial using zoom,  you must log onto the Zoom website or call the number given to you on your trial information sheet. 

Please note there is no reason to appear at the Municipal Court unless you were ordered for an in person trial date.  Many of our services are available online to assist you.

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Department Objectives

This court adjudicates both traffic and non-traffic violations issued by the West Allis Police Department and other City departments for alleged violations of the West Allis Municipal Code. The primary function of the West Allis Municipal Court is to administer justice and hold individuals accountable for their actions if found guilty of these ordinance violations. The Court aggressively pursues collection of unpaid fines.