National Avenue Corridor Plan

"A city is not an accident, but the result of coherent visions and aims."

 - Leon Krier, The Architecture of Community

Facade Improvement

National Avenue Street Reconstruction

Phase 1 (70th Street to 76th Street) - 2018

Phase 2 (92nd Street to 95th Street) - 2019

Phase 3 (76th Street to 82nd Street) - 2020

Economic Incentive Programs

Project Background

National Avenue has been a keystone in the social and economic history of West Allis. Built before there were cars, National Avenue continues to connect homes, businesses, and institutions across several neighborhoods. Today, however, this major urban corridor faces some new challenges.

  • How do we attract new stakeholders to help create a vibrant business corridor?
  • What is needed to transform the physical and architectural appearance of properties?
  • What identity can be brought to the area to foster a unique business district?
  • What do resident and business owners see or need in the surrounding neighborhoods?

The West National Avenue Corridor will always be an essential economic artery of the city of West Allis. Positive changes have occurred in recent years, including the construction of the Heritage Senior Living apartments and PyraMax Bank, the development of the new West Allis Skate Park, and the attraction of unique restaurants like Chef Paz and Crawdaddy’s Roadhouse. Between S. 68 Street and S. 95 Street the Corridor is embedded within dense residential development and hosts various food and retail destinations, essential services, and government institutions, all while serving as a major east/west transportation route for automobiles, public transportation, bicyclists and pedestrians. From interested business and property owners to elected officials, the National Avenue Corridor is recognized as an area in need of a vision to grow and build upon these recent investments to create success. And, a future street reconstruction project planned in 2018 between S. 70 Street and S. 76 Street and between S. 92 Street and S. 95 Street, creates the opportunity to analyze the Corridor and design a street that improves the overall business and neighborhood experience of the area. For any vision to be successful in transforming a neighborhood or business corridor, community input and support are essential. To assist with this process, the City hired GRAEF, a leading planning firm in the Milwaukee area. In addition to looking at the physical and market condition of the area, they continue to gather local input through various platforms to assist with the Plan’s formation. Be sure to visit this website for updates and opportunities for participation.