Goal 4: Economic Vitality and Sustainability

The City of West Allis will protect the organization's fiscal well-being through long term planning and fiscal analysis. Further, proactive and well planned development and redevelopment opportunities will be promoted and maintained.

Strategic Action

4-1 Update City's long-term financial plans and debt policy; promote data-driven decision-making processes; reduce reliance on alternative funding sources for essential services

4-2 Engage city-wide departmental priority based budgeting, including shared City services review/implementation and related organizational operation innovations to determine how the City can provide the same level of service differently to maintain or reduce costs

4-3 Develop city-wide human resource succession plans and documentation of processes and procedures to provide efficient and effective continuity of City services during times of transition and vacancies

4-4 Actively engage citizens and community stakeholders to identify the areas/facilities/assets to market the City of West Allis as a leading place to start a business or relocate a business or public organization; develop and implement plan based on results

4-5 Continue to develop city-wide technology opportunities and utilization of software to ensure efficient and effective use of government resources

4-6 Promote economic vitality and business growth within the City's business community through the promotion of entrepreneurialism and financial programs to help open a business, expand business retention and expansion efforts to strengthen current employment base, and having a progressive business environment that attracts quality businesses and further diversifies the City into new commercial, retail, and industrial markets

4-7 Develop a sustainable Capital Improvement Plan which includes equipment and facilities replacement cycles, and maintenance and repair plans