Goal 3: Citizen Engagement

The City of West Allis will increase citizen engagement to facilitate a sense of community, belonging, and ownership for citizens.

Strategic Action

3-1 Create "City 101 Academy" to deepen citizen and stakeholder knowledge regarding city services and budget/plans/priorities, and strategic goals and outcomes/progresses of city-wide plan alignment

3-2 Develop Strategic Communications Plan and Cohesive City Brand for Citizen Communication

3-3 Optimize strong partnerships with stakeholders to create new volunteer, employment and training opportunities

3-4 Grow city-wide citizen-centered programs and services by cultivating strategic partnerships with local, regional and national businesses and organizations

3-5 Expand access to City information through citizen focused city-wide communications and social media activities

3-6 Create Virtual City Hall where citizens can access city-wide e-services, City publications, public reports, plans and meeting information, observe steps of City legislative/review processes (Legistar expansion and consistency) and make online payments

3-7 Query and track citizens opinions and experiences regarding City services through Citizen Satisfaction Surveys; review and improve processes based on responses

3-8 Create Neighborhood Association Council to strengthen neighborhoods and neighborhood associations, provide information regarding needed commercial and residential code compliance and other factors negatively impacting neighborhoods