Goal 1: Image/Brand/Destination

The City of West Allis will become the "preferred municipality in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, the state, and the country" for visitors, residents and businesses through focused rebranding, marketing and promotion actions.

Strategic Action

1-1 Formalize a clear image through marketing and brand development process

1-2 Align City marketing activities with businesses and stakeholders activities; invest in collaborative partnerships with businesses and community organizations

1-3 Collaborate with key community groups to center citizen and stakeholder engagement on community/neighborhood heritage, history and sense of community experiences/goals

1-4 Coordinate communication of housing development and improvement goals, priorities and opportunities across citizen demographic groups and markets

1-5 Create a Farmers Market marketing plan that expands the market's role as a city-wide and regional destination

1-6 Develop a city-wide residential and commercial corridor, common community streetscape, and signage program which markets neighborhood, community, and corridor culture, and welcomes visitors, residents, and stakeholders

1-7 Increase entertainment and specialty retail opportunities city-wide to deepen block-level commitment to commercial corridor connections as destinations

1-8 Leverage Library success as City, County destination and local community center; Link library ad campaign to City branding and marketing plan

1-9 Promote city-wide businesses across sectors by creating a city-wide marketing plan that connects them to the City's renowned walking and biking paths and trails

1-10 Expand opportunities for Seniors through external collaborations

1-11 Elevate image through planning and architecture