Criminal Investigations Unit

Unit Staff

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) consists of 10 Detectives and 2 Crime Scene Specialists. The CIU is supervised by the Captain of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.


The Criminal Investigations Unit is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to the citizens of West Allis by utilizing tactical crime analysis, innovative technology, creative investigative techniques, and partnerships with citizens, businesses, and other law enforcement agencies to effectively and efficiently investigate criminal activity relating to our community. Although our investigations originate in West Allis, they may extend well beyond our geographic boarders. This requires Detectives to conduct follow up investigations in neighboring jurisdictions, which is why our professional partnerships are of extreme value and importance.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is tasked with conducting follow up in relation to major case investigations and assisting Patrol Officers with other investigations as necessary. Our Detectives investigate crimes including, but not limited to, homicide, robbery, assault, financial crimes, arson, etc. Our Detectives conduct prompt, diligent, and professional investigations and work closely with victims and complainants to solve problems, recover property, and bring offenders to justice.


Our staff is constantly evaluating new strategies and techniques to conduct successful investigations and participate in on-going training to continually increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities.