Communications Unit

The Communications Center of the Police Department handles all 911 and non-emergency calls for the Police and Fire Departments in the City of West Allis. In addition, the Center provides critical support to Police and Fire field units as well as neighboring Police and Fire agencies.

Communications Team

Six Communications Supervisors, 9 full time Telecommunicators, and a pool of part time Telecommunicators are the key to the success of the Center. This team of highly skilled, dedicated, and professional individuals provides optimal staffing coverage in the Center 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This team, which is overseen by a Communications Manager, is always ready and eager to assist the needs of the community while treating people in a professional manner.

Computer-Aided Dispatch System

The Center has a state of the art 911 / telephone system, radio system, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, surveillance system, and voice activated recording system that gives our staff the ability to effectively assist the community as well as our Police and Fire field units. Our enhanced 911 system allows staff to quickly ascertain the phone number associated with 911 calls as well as the location of the emergency so that Police and / or Fire resources can immediately be dispatched to the emergency. Our radio system allows staff to efficiently stay in contact with Police and Fire field units and communicate with neighboring agencies during emergencies. Our CAD system rapidly records, organizes, and stores information related to calls for service so that staff can quickly and efficiently dispatch Police and Fire resources to these calls.

Emergency Calls for Service

In 2011, our Communications Center processed over 63,000 calls for service related to Police and Fire matters and handled thousands of additional phone calls related to a wide variety of matters. In 2012, the staff of our Communications Center received training in Emergency Medical Dispatching to better serve citizens calling about medical related matters.

Helpful Resources

If you need assistance or have concerns about happenings in the community, do not hesitate contacting the Center so our staff can assist you. Please call 414-302-8000 for non-emergency matters and 911 for emergency matters.