Community Services Unit

About the Community Services Unit

The Community Services Unit provides crime prevention services to the community and strives to develop cooperative and trusting relationships between the Police Department and community members. Some of the Community Service Programs include Cops N Kids, D.A.R.E Program, Crime Stoppers, and many more.

School Liaison Program

The Community Services Unit also oversees the School Liaison Program. Officers assigned to our secondary schools act not only as law enforcement officers and positive role models, but they also educate students on legal topics, crime prevention, and the dangers of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. Working hand and hand with each school's administration, Liaison Officers assist in finding solutions to problems facing school age children. The Community Resource Officer is another Community Services Unit resource. The goal of the Community Resource Officer is for the Police Department and its' citizens to work in partnership with creative means to solve community problems related to crime, quality of life, nuisance issues, and neighborhood conditions. In addressing these issues, the Community Resource Officer will utilize other City of West Allis departments, other government agencies, and members of the local community.

Victim Advocate

Our Victim Advocate assists survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in a variety of ways.  Our Victim Advocate also runs a domestic violence support group (WISH - Women Initiate Self-healing & Hope).

Neighborhood Partnership Specialists

Two Neighborhood Partnership Specialists are also assigned to the Community Services Unit.  They assist the Department and Community in a variety of ways.