Wisconsin Digital Library

This free eBook library is open to all Wisconsin library card holders. For directions for your particular device, go to the Overdrive Downloadable Media Page.



Currently providing access to about 40,000 titles from over 100 publishers, Freading is a new eBook service provided by the library. New titles are being added regularly. Read on your computer or transfer to a portable device. One difference between Freading and the library's other eBook service, Overdrive, is that Freading titles are always available. No waiting lists.

At this time, Kindles, with the exception of the Kindle Fire, will not work with Freading. Each eBook is assigned a token value of 4, 2, or 1 token. Users will receive 10 tokens each week and can accumulate their unused tokens for four rolling weeks, at which time the account is cleared and starts over with the original ten token allottment. Access to Freading is limited to West Allis residents with West Allis library cards. If you have a non West Allis library card please stop by the checkout desk to obtain one.


Gale Virtual Reference Library

This eBook library covers history, science, the environment, medicine, religion, social science, and technology. Adult and children's titles are included. For access from home a West Allis library card is required.