Field Trips to the Library

Field trips from daycare centers, schools, and Scouts located in West Allis are welcome. Please fill out a Library Visit Request form to arrange a visit. Field trips are free and limited to two visits per class per year. Listed below are some of the most popular topics for field trips.

For Younger Children

Field trips for young children are generally 45 minutes long and include stories, a tour of the Children's Department and a short film.


The librarian gives a presentation that lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes library materials that can be used for the class research projects.

Boy and Girl Scouts

Scouts are encouraged to work on badges that require use of the library.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the library that includes a presentation and/or tour by a librarian, please fill out our Library Visit Request Form. If you have any questions, please call 414-302-8502.