Overnight & Municipal Parking Permits

In order for the City to perform daily maintenance on the streets (snow plowing, street sweeping, leaf pickup), no all-night parking shall be permitted, except by vehicles displaying night parking permits or by vehicles bearing disabled plates or identification cards.

If your vehicle is disabled, you have overnight visitors, or there is some other applicable reason, you may obtain overnight parking permission for one night.

Permits are for sale from at the West Allis Police Department Records Unit, 11301 W. Lincoln Avenue between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Cash, check, or debit/credit card accepted.

Parking permits may also be purchased from the City of West Allis Customer Service Center, from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Customer Service Center is at 7525 W Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, WI 53214.  Cash or checks only at this location.

For additional information, please view the Overnight Parking Flyer (PDF).


You are required to create a username and password at www.mygovermentonline.org to purchase your permit.  It’s easy, fast, and secure, and your information will be saved so you can save time the next time you go online to buy your permit.

Purchase your permit now or keep reading for a quick walk-through of setting up your new account.


Step 1. Create a new account on MyGovernmentOnline.

While it may take a few minutes to initially set up an account in the system, renewing or repurchasing a permit will be easier than before. Beginning Dec. 22, 2020, please visit www.mygovernmentonline.org to set up an account to purchase a parking permit. If you need help with setting up your account, please go to www.mygovernmentonline.org/#contactus or call the My GovernmentOnline Helpdesk at 866-957-3764.  You can also view our help document below.

Step 2. Apply for a new parking permit once logged into MyGovernmentOnline.

Please note: For 2021, Parking Permit fees are the same online as they are in person: Monthly Permit - $15, Quarterly Permit - $45, Annual Permit - $125.

View the video below to learn how to request your permit in MyGovernmentOnline.


How to Renew Online

  • Log in to www.mygovernmentonline.org 
  • Go to “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner
  • Scroll down to “My Permits”
  • Find the permit you need and click “View Permit”
  • That will open a new window
  • Then click the “Payments” Tab
  • Scroll down to the “New Payment” section
  • Click the “Pay Online” button
  • The Payment Screen will open

Parking permits are available for purchase on the 22nd of each month prior to the new month and may be used at that time.

 Rules & Regulations

  • Night parking, where permitted, shall be restricted to the even numbered side of the street on those nights with an even calendar date before midnight, and to the odd numbered side of the street on those nights with an odd calendar date before midnight
  • The permit shall be attached to the driver’s side rear window in the upper left corner
  • There shall be no parking (with or without a permit) 
    • In violation of any parking regulation
    • If parking is not allowed on a certain side a street, you must park on a different street
    • In violation of Snow Emergency Regulations
    • In violation of Winter Parking Regulations
  • The following motor vehicles are not eligible for night parking permits: 
    • Motor vehicles with a truck registration "D" series or above.
    • Motor homes
    • Trucks equipped with truck campers.
    • Non-motorized vehicles
    • Commercial vehicles

Things to Remember

  • Police Officers have the right to override any permission if the vehicle is not legal to park on the street overnight or not legally parked (i.e., you many not park a trailer, a boat or vehicle in excess of 6,000 pounds overnight).
  • You must be parked on the correct side of the street: even numbered side of the street on those nights with an even calendar date before midnight and odd numbered side of the street on those nights with an odd calendar date before midnight.
  • Any mistyped plate information or falsification of any of the above information may result in a parking citation or even a fraud arrest.
  • Your car may still be ticketed for overnight parking violations until you receive your permit and display it properly in your car’s window.
  • Failure to pay parking citations will result in the suspension of your license plates.

Helpful Resources

If you have any questions about overnight parking please call 414-302-8080 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or email the Records Department.

If you have any comments or ideas on how to improve this online submission process, please email us.