TID Number 9


Base Value (2006)$2,299,600
Current Value (2016)$11,720,700
Original Property Taxes$45,950
Current Property Taxes (2016)$331,885
Property Tax Increment$267,935

TID Expiration Date: 2019

TIF Number 9, commonly referred to as the Pioneer Neighborhood, contains approximately five acres of land along the south portion of W National Avenue between S 77th and S 80th Street The area was predominantly developed by the Laidlaw Bus Company as a bus terminal. Property values within the District were not appreciating in line with other areas of the City and reinvestment was not be realized due to blight in the area. Demolition, remediation and site preparation cleared the way for realized reinvestment. The area now contains a senior living facility and local bank branch. Investment within the district has also prompted investment beyond the district's boundaries, further uplifting the tax base and value of the City.