TID Number 7


Base Value (2004)$15,914,400
Current Value (2016)$65,029,500
Original Property Taxes$435,432
Current Property Taxes (2016)$1,461,695
Property Tax Increment$1,026,263

TID Expiration Date: 2024

Tax Incremental District Number 7 was designed to encourage the revitalization of the last two undeveloped vacant and dilapidated former Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company properties; the deteriorating shop buildings (about 7.8 acres of vacant warehouses) south of West Washington Street and an obsolete Utility Corridor (10.7 acres) on the north side of the street. These two underutilized resources, in their previous state, continued to foster blighting influence on the area, provide little if any property tax relief and produce virtually no employment.

The City of West Allis and Milwaukee County aimed to build on the job-creation legacy of Allis-Chalmers by turning these properties into a one-of-a kind office facility that would be the second largest office complex in the Metro Milwaukee area. This campus, which includes one new building and three renovated buildings, can accommodate near-term office requirements and future growth totaling over 720,000 square feet and allows for the placement of over 2,600 jobs.