TID Number 6


Base Value (1994)$1,330,600
Current Value (2016)$769,200
Original Property Taxes$28,772
Current Property Taxes (2016)$22,366
Property Tax Increment$0

TID Expiration Date: 2026

Tax Incremental District Number 6 consists of 11.61 acres of land located at 1960 South 67 Place. The site had been used as carbide gas manufacturing plant, a waste storage and transfer facility, an oil/hazardous waste trucking terminal, a salvage/junkyard, and a lime pit, used to store lime slurry. It was important to pursue redevelopment in a proactive approach to prevent the site from accumulating additional fill materials that cannot be developed upon, as well as discarded vehicles. In recognition of all the above, the area is was considered blighted and in need of blight elimination and redevelopment.

To prepare the District for development, the land was cleared and environmental testing and clean-up was conducted. Project costs also included relocation of the existing businesses, and site grading and geotechnical work to fill the former lime pits.

In 2017, Glenn Rieder LLC, an architectural millwork company, established their approximately $10 million, 120,000 square foot industrial facility in this district.

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