TID Number 4

This District is closed.


Base Value (1995)$0
Current Value (2016)$9,135,800
Original Property Taxes$0
Current Property Taxes (2016)$250,612
Property Tax Increment$250,612

TID Expiration Date: 2006

Tax Incremental District Number Four consists of approximately 9.9 acres of land that was purchased by the Common Council of the City of West Allis in 1954. Previous to the purchase the property had been a gravel quarry. The City then used the site as a storm water retention pond. More recently it had been used as a landfill for non-organic demolition material. While development proposals were being solicited, the City undertook a Phase II environmental investigation. The preliminary results revealed substantial amounts of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and diesel range organic contamination (DRO) throughout the property. The investigation also revealed a 5,000 square foot area contaminated with iron cyanide. Due to the extensive amount of soil contamination, the property is considered blighted within the definitions of Section 66.46(2)(a) of Wisconsin Statutes.