Sign Review & Approval

Grebe's Bakery Sign
Rogers Memorial Hospital


The City of West Allis reviews and approves signage within the city to preserve its beauty and unique character; to protect property values; and, to promote a healthy and properly designed business environment.

Application & Review Procedure

Applicants interested in adding or modifying signage on their property should submit the following to the Department of Development for review:

  • Completed Sign Application (PDF)
  • $100 Plan Review fee plus Sign Permit Fee
  • One set of scaled plans, indicating the design, square footage and placement of proposed signage

The Department of Development will review the proposal for conformance with the City's sign code, as it pertains to area, placement and design.

Upon obtaining approval from the Department of Development, applications are forwarded to the Department of Building Inspections and Neighborhood Services for the issuance of Sign Permit(s).

Signs projecting over or onto the public right-of-way may also require a minor grant of privilege (PDF) or major grant of privilege (PDF).


The permitted size, quantity and design components vary depending on property type, lot size and tenant frontage. The following guidelines have been prepared to assist the development of signage applications.

Complete details of the City's sign code may be found within Chapter 13 of the West Allis Municipal Code in sections 13.21 and 13.215 (Downtown).