Sign Review & Approval

Grebe's Bakery Sign
Rogers Memorial Hospital

In West Allis, all signage requires review and approval in the form of a sign permit. 



Before applying, please review the City's Sign Guidelines. The following guidelines provide a helpful overview of the City's sign code. The outline of the City's rules for the signage include the design, number of signs, size, and location:

Other guidelines include:

Complete details of the City's sign code may be found within Chapter 13 of the West Allis Municipal Code in sections 13.21 and 13.215 (Downtown).


Planning and Zoning will review the proposal for conformance with the City's sign code including sign area, placement, and design. Any signs within the Downtown Business Improvement District must be approved by the Downtown Design Committee prior to the permit being issued. This Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Please contact staff for more information. 

Upon obtaining approval from Planning and Zoning, applications are reviewed by the Code Enforcement Department before permit is issued. The Code Enforcement Department will conduct a final inspection upon installation.