Design Review & Approval

Site, landscaping, and architectural changes require design review and approval by the City's Plan Commission, though certain minor projects or projects for single-family homes and duplexes may be approved by staff. Design review is also required for Conditional Use permits. These reviews are intended to ensure a safe, functional, vibrant, and attractive environment.


Use the Planning Application to apply for design review, Conditional Use permits, and other planning services.

Applications for Plan Commission review are due on the final Friday of each month. The applicant's project will be considered by the Plan Commission at the following month's meeting, which typically takes place on the fourth Wednesday of the month.


Before applying, read the City's Design Review Guidelines. These guidelines are approval criteria that must be met as part of design review. 

Adopted in November 2022, the Guidelines serve as parameters for discussion and deliberation for the Plan Commission. The Guidelines must be met for new development or significant redevelopment projects. The Guidelines are not mandatory for minor projects, such as amendments, but still serve as a framework for review. In these cases, Plan Commission may require compliance with certain guidelines.

Reviews, reference Information, & Fees

TypeReference InformationFee
Site, Landscaping and Architectural Design Review
Level 1: Project Cost $0 - $1,999
Level 2: Project Cost $2,000 - $4,999
Level 3: Project Cost $5,000+
Design Review Process (PDF)
Submittal Checklist (PDF)
Design Review Guidelines (PDF)
Level 1: $125
Level 2: $275
Level 3: $525
Conditional Use Permit
Conditional Use Process (PDF)
Submittal Checklist (PDF)
Design Review Guidelines (PDF)
$525 + Design Review fee
Certified Survey Map
CSM Process (PDF)

Rezoning and Land Use Map AmendmentsRezoning Process (PDF)$600

Additional Resources

Certain projects may require the completion of the City's Stormwater Checklist

Contact Code Enforcement at 414-302-8400 about changes to residential properties.

Contact the Clerk's Office at 414-302-8200 about businesses licenses.