Planning & Zoning


With the exception of 1-2 Unit Dwellings, any site, landscaping, or architectural alterations require design review in West Allis. Most projects require approval by the City's Plan Commission, though certain minor projects may be approved by staff. Conditional Uses also require design review by the Plan Commission prior to obtaining Common Council approval.

Find out more about guidelines, procedures, and the application for Design Review & Approval here

Sign Review & Approval

In West Allis, all signage requires review and approval in the form of a sign permit.

Find out more about guidelines, procedures, and the application for Sign Review & Approval here.


The City's zoning code determines what can be built, where. West Allis adopted a new zoning code and map effective May 6, 2022. The zoning code and zoning map can be found online.

The recent, comprehensive update makes the code simpler and more efficient, promotes growth of the city's tax base, and better fits the West Allis of today and tomorrow. 

Reforms include establishing parking maximums rather than minimums, allowing accessory dwelling units and promoting "missing-middle" housing, reforming regulations so desirable buildings that fit our neighborhoods' contexts can be built, and encouraging more density where appropriate. These new rules will encourage development, promote sustainability, and prevent wasting the city's limited land with unproductive, empty parking spaces. 

To use the code, follow these steps.


The City Planning and Zoning division is responsible for land use decisions that promote the orderly development of the City. These decisions help create a community of lasting value that offers choices to our residents and businesses. Planning enables civic leaders, business interests and citizens to play a meaningful role in West Allis' development.

The City Planning & Zoning division works primarily with businesses and the development community on improvements to the built environment and quality of life impacts within West Allis. Services offered include:

To apply for these services, reviews, and permits, submit an online Planning Application. For sign approvals, submit an online Sign Permit Application.

The City Planning and Zoning Division provides staff support for the Board of Appeals, Plan Commission, Historical Commission and the Safety and Development Committee.