Planning & Zoning

Review & Approvals

Design Review & Approval

Site, landscaping, and architectural changes require design review and approval by the City's Plan Commission, though certain minor projects or projects for single-family homes and duplexes may be approved by staff. Design review is also required for Conditional Use permits.

Planning and Zoning also handles related reviews and approvals for certified survey maps, rezonings, and land use map amendments.

Find out more about guidelines, procedures, and applications on the Design Review & Approval page

Sign Review & Approval

Signs require review and approval in the form of a sign permit.

Find out more about guidelines, procedures, and applications on the Sign Review & Approval page.


The City's zoning code determines what can be built, where. Find the zoning code and zoning map online.

To use the code, follow these steps.

Contact Planning and Zoning with general questions about zoning. Request formal zoning verification letters through the City's online Planning Application

What We Do

Planning and Zoning is responsible for guiding the development of West Allis through short-term and long-term planning. Short-term planning primarily includes helping people, businesses, and developers navigate review and approval processes. Long-term planning includes zoning, comprehensive planning, transportation planning, and implementing new projects and initiatives.


Planning and Zoning also provides staff support for the Plan Commission, Board of Appeals, Complete Streets Subcommittee, Parks Commission, and Economic Development Committee.