Human Resources

Build Your Career and Community with the City of West Allis

We offer an array of regular full- and part-time, seasonal, and grant opportunities ranging from executive, managerial, professional, technical, protective service, health care, clerical, and skilled trade career opportunities within 20 operating departments. We invite you to explore any current job openings. We're certain you will find public sector work exciting and fulfilling. Come join us in building your career and your community!

Who We Are

West Allis is the second largest city in Milwaukee County. Our central location provides convenient access to areas of interest throughout the Milwaukee area. We have strong principles of family and work, an excellent school system, and a small town community spirit.

The City is governed by a Mayor and a Common Council made up of ten part-time Alderpersons. Working together, the Mayor and Alderpersons formulate budgets, issue licenses and draft City ordinances. The City government prides itself on providing top-notch and efficient services to its citizens and businesses.

West Allis employs over 500 individuals who specialize in a diverse range of occupations.

Our Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

The City of West Allis is a municipal corporation operating under the constitution and statutes of the State of Wisconsin, and the ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City in order to:

  • Provide cost effective municipal services consistent with the needs and desires of the citizens of the West Allis community (residences and businesses, as well as other community stakeholders);
  • Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the community;
  • Provide a quality living and working environment; and
  • Provide a positive, progressive, and creative approach to the budget, management and operations of the City.

Vision Statement

The City of West Allis will provide a living and working environment throughout the community that is focused on providing its citizens and businesses a coordinated, efficient, effective, and responsive level of service. The City of West Allis will become the preferred municipality in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, the state, and the country for visitors, residents and businesses through focused rebranding, marketing and promotion actions.

Five Year Strategic Plan

In 2017, West Allis' Common Council approved the adoption of a Five Year Strategic Plan to position the City for long-term growth and development. Five key strategic goals, supported by itemized actions to guide implementation, are intended to improve the City's positioning as a destination community by focusing on citizens' quality of life, citizen engagement activities, business development, and more.